How to Request a Home Visit

Whenever possible please attend the surgery.

We usually only visit at home for our housebound and very elderly patients. Unfortunately lack of transport is not a reason for the doctor to visit and so we would ask you to arrange a lift from a family member, friend or neighbour before considering a taxi.

Alternatively you could contact one of these groups in the area...


Getting to the Medical Centre - LIFT Scheme

If you have difficulty getting to the Medical Centre and live in the Lenham area, a group of volunteer drivers may be able to help. To enquire about the service or to volunteer, please call (07542) 625 277.


FISH SCHEME - Harrietsham Helping Hands.

This Scheme, which covers the Harrietsham area, has been in existence for well over forty years.  Among the services offered is assistance for those residents who require help in getting to the surgeries, collection and delivery of medication, and other essential tasks. 

Contact Marjorie Darby on (01622) 850 657 if you have a need of transport or indeed if you would like to join our band of helpers.