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by Ken Hallam gave Len Valley Practice a rating of 5 stars

Well done len valley

Very impressed with the entire practice. Doctors, nurses receptionists and pharmacy do their utmost to give great support and my wife and I have said many times that we have never been so well cared for in our lives. Thank you most sincerely.

Visited in March 2019, Posted on 22 April 2019

by Anonymous gave Len Valley Practice a rating of 5 stars

Help is there when you need it ...

I had gastric band surgery in a private hospital few years ago ( not very cheap one). After 4 years my band gradually came out of my stomach due to a bad surgery. At that time I was travelling to New Zealand and Australia for one month. All through my holiday I could see a whole was appearing on top of my stomach and eventually I could see the band! It was horrible. The only thing I could do, was to keep it clean. By the time I came back to England I rushed to the surgery and the Dr. sent me to hospital to removed entire band. The process took one month until the band completely removed!
Although the whole process was very frustrating, but with help and support I received, it made easier for me. Thank you so much.

Visited in September 2016, Posted on 24 August 2018

by Helen Davies gave Len Valley Practice a rating of 5 stars

My opinion

As a whole the surgery is fantastic, the only problem is getting through in the morning to get an appointment.
Some receptionist not always as polite as others.

One particular doctor is the best doctor as always supportive, caring treats me with dignity and respect and involves me when ever needed. if asked to score out of a percentage I would give 100% I'm not saying the others aren't great but this doctor is the main one I like to see.

Dispensary always very helpful and nurses and HCAs also the same. And treat you with dignity and resoect

Visited in June 2018, Posted on 09 June 2018

by Anonymous gave Len Valley Practice a rating of 5 stars

Brilliant Practice with committed GPs.

Having been a patient for 25 years and having multiple health issues over the years I can absolutely vouch that I have been given excellent treatment each time. All the staff do their upmost to keep a well oiled machine running to give the best service. Granted the phone system is frustrating and time consuming but once through the receptionists will listen to what you need and help in any way. The GPs have a plethora of specialisms and happy for the patient to see the one with experience and special interest in that given area. The GP has to have a special mention as over the 25years I think I have grown with him and the practice. I once had an issue with the pharmacy assistant and having spoke to the practice manager it was dealt with quickly and professionally.

Visited in September 2017, Posted on 13 April 2018