Patient Participation Group

All GP practices set out to promote active engagement with their patients to ensure they are involved in ongoing planning and decision making about the practice.  
Len Valley Patient Participation Group is a group of registered patients, representative of the practice population, who meet regularly to discuss issues and ways of improving services for the benefit of patients.




What the PPG is not?

It’s not an appreciation society… 

A healthy and productive PPG is one which achieves a balance between due praise and constructive challenge. The role of the Len Valley PPG is therefore often described as that of a critical friend; a group which can both support and be ambassadorial for the practice but which is also comfortable questioning and potentially contesting plans and proposals.

It’s not an exclusive or elite group… 

A PPG is not about a handful of self selected registered patients meeting up on a regular basis.  We are mindful that the Len Valley PPG is there to serve the full practice population. We are keen to identify members from the wide range of patients and their needs such as young, old, mental health service users, carers, travellers, people with learning disabilities etc. to join us.

It’s not about individual patient queries or complaints…

(Unless they are an example of a broader issue).  Individual patient queries or complaints should still be directed to the practice, as they are in the best position to resolve them.


What issues do we look at?

The PPG works with the practice to look at specific practice issues such as access to appointments etc, but also at the ‘bigger picture’ of local services and how they are commissioned and provided. 

The specific practice issues we look at are discussed and agreed between the PPG and the practice.

Once these priority areas are identified, the practice undertakes and collates any necessary surveys/proposals and then discusses the results or proposals with the PPG.  We agree the action plan or way forward and publicise those actions on the practice website.


Who are we?

Terry New - Chair
Carol McKeough - Vice Chair
Carol Higgins - Minutes
Aneta Jerrett
Angie Reeves
Caroline Robinson
Gillian Watson
Hayley Sears
Janet Smith
Jeanine Boylan-Buckley
Julia Allen
June Allen-Westbrook
Linda Tippett
Maggie Linehan
Margaret Conan
Marjorie Darby
Neil Pedlingham
Peter Livesey
Sadie Curtis
Sally Phillips
Stephen Taylor
Tora Gubbins
GP Member (by Annual Rota)


When do we meet?

We meet 6 times a year usually on a Monday at 1pm in the Community Centre.  The meeting has an agenda sent out in advance and all meetings are minuted.  The minutes of every meeting are available in the practice


OK, I'm interested, what do I do?

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