Mental Health

It's easy to think that mental health issues don't concern us, but in fact a quarter of us will have problems with our mental wellbeing at some time in our lives.

Mental health problems are equally common in men and women, but the types of problems differ. Women are one-and-a-half times more likely to be affected by anxiety and depression, while men suffer more from substance abuse (one in eight men is dependent on alcohol) and anti-social personality disorders.

Men are also more prone to suicide: British men are three times more likely than British women to die as a result of suicide.

mental health

Serious mental health problems are also more common than you might think. One person in 100 has a severe mental health condition such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

All these figures are based on people who have sought help for their mental health problems. Many more could be living with undiagnosed mental health issues, according to mental health charity MIND.

If you're worried about your mental health, or if someone in your life is affected, there are plenty of ways to get help.



You can also contact mental health charities such as Sane and the Mental Health Foundation.


Directory of useful organisations



Mental Health and Wellbeing in Veterans

Help for Heroes have a variety of services including access to self-guided support, one to one and group therapy. These services are all provided by qualified psychological wellbeing therapists.


We Are With You

We Are With You are a mental health service funded by the NHS and are therefore free to access when support is needed. They are here to listen and will not share your information without your consent or knowledge.  

This service is for you if you are:
• 17 years old or over*
• Registered with a GP in Kent or Surrey
• Worried about your mental health
*17 years in East Kent and 17 years, 6 months in
West Kent



Support following suicide.